Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Oh Schist!

I'm TERRIBLE. I promise I will never ever ever joke about sparkly rocks on this blog again. You are all so nice. Here's my sparkly rock, which is schist, and I'm very happy because I think it makes my raised bed look pretty even though I kill everything I plant in it (well, actually that's less and less true). It's around in Jamaica Bay, but you have to hunt for it, but the beaches of the Norwalk Island are positively paved with the stuff, so when we paddled on Monday (and we had a 3rd person along on the paddle, so it was more fun than romantic - picnic lunch, a little rolling in some still-chilly water, some lounging on the beach, the proverbial good time was had by all; dinner was the date part of the day with just the 2 of us) I decided to pick up as much as I could conveniently carry. And I thought it would be funny to say I got sparkly rock and...what a maroon. What an oxymoron.

TQ and I are getting along great here at the 1-year mark. Think we've got something that works pretty well - but I think part of the reason that it works is because neither of us is rushing things to any particular conclusion - more just seeing where things go.

It was a perfectly lovely Memorial Day weekend just the way it was and I'm SO sorry I misled people with my silly jokes. Promise, never again!

At least I let my parents in on the joke. I'm not ENTIRELY thoughtless.

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