Saturday, May 05, 2007

So long Kabocha!

Oh, kabocha that I started from the seed of a squash that I bought for dinner one day at the grocery store. Look what a fine & lovely thing you've grown to be. Think you're ready to move outside, you and your cherry-tomato sillmates.

Housework today, and packing, and maybe a haircut (once a year whether I need it or not), and prep for the Hudson Valley Kayak Symposium (yay!) tomorrow, I'll reward myself with good day of gardening & paddling with friends.

Wait. I'm confused. Where do I live again? Kerhonksen? No, wait, Brooklyn. I live in Brooklyn.

EVENTS! Much going on! A quick sampling:

Tomorrow, May 6th - 4th Annual Jamaica Bay Fishing Tournament

Stevie's been practicing all winter!

Hey! Do YOU live in Brooklyn (or within driving distance? Curious about my fab new club where the towers of Manhattan are the farthest backdrop? Like to check out J-Bay for yourself? Come to the Sebago Canoe Club Open House! Saturday, May 19th, 10 am - 5 pm, rain or shine. Come on by, meet the gang, it'll be fun!

Unfortunately I won't be there because I'll be teaching at the Hudson Valley Kayak Symposium. It's rough timing for me - I will have JUST been in Hawaii & after a week of swimsuits-and-board-shorts temperature water even the wunderdrysuit that wunderTQ floored me with at Christmas is going to be hard to put on. It's a great weekend though - can't pass on my annual spring trip up to a lovely quiet lake far from the city, teaching with original G-mentor Jack Gilman, and a lot of other people. Love this symposium.

Not going in calendrical order here, this is my blog so I started with the stuff I'm doing - but next weekend, May 12th, the Downtown Boathouse starts their summer paddling programs. Free of charge to walk-up participants as always, it's all supported by donations of goods, money, and (most importantly) many many many hours of volunteers' time.

Also on May 12th - Hui Wa'a will be holding a surf clinic at Maunalua Bay, meeting at the Hawaii Kai boatramp (on Oahu).

Bwahahahaaaa. Guess which one of those two May 12th events I'm going to be going to? Hint: I'm getting NERVOUS!

And to close, here are a few items of local water news, gleaned from the NYCKayaker list:

Where Not to Swim For the Moment:
Yonkers sewage spill - YUCK! My poor friends at the Yonkers Paddling & Rolling er Rowing Club!. Hope they clean that up SOON.

Possibly Cool Place to Swim Starting July 4th
In a swimming pool on a barge in Brooklyn Heights!


I believe I referred to the last Tribeca Waterfrom Meeting as being the last one of the Tribeca Boathouse Redesign Group. That was a mistake. Connie & Noreen (President & EVP of the Trust) came, they listened, they spoke, and although there seemed to be some hedging, they've agreed to the request to work with the CB1 Group. There's another good writeup by Skye McFarlane, who's attended all of these, in the Villager, I'll link to that as soon as it gets into the online version. Anyhow, the Trust agreeing to the request means more meetings. I'm afraid I'm going to have to pull out of these ones at this point - there's a perfectly fine group of paddlers from the area involved, I've been feeling like I've had myself very overstretched lately balancing work, private life & political stuff, and as the Sebago season gets going I expect I'll have more than enough to do out there. I'm glad to have been involved as far as I have been though, and I will keep posting here whenever I hear of progress.

Meeting notice from Julie Nadel -

THE MEETING TO REVIEW AND REVISE THE PLANS FOR PIER 26 IS RESCHEDULED FOR 4pm, WEDNESDAY, MAY 9th (same day, different time). Please tell others of the change in time. This meeting will be held at Trust Offices at Pier 40 at Houston Street, 2nd floor

This meeting will primarily focus upon (1) reviewing the entire plan for the Tribeca segment of Hudson River Park, and (2) beginning to revise the plans for the boathouse. At a subsequent meeting (date TBA), we will begin to plan for the estuarium.

We will also continue the discussion at the next meeting of CB1's Waterfront Committee on May 21 at 6pm. The two documents produced by the Pier 26 Task Force, on boathouse design and defining the elements of an estuarium, will form the basis of our review and discussion. These two documents are available at the offices of Community Board One.

thanks for volunteering your time on this,

Julie Nadel

additional note from Villager article;
Wednesday’s meeting is open to the public, but those who wish to attend should R.S.V.P. with the community board at 212-442-5050.

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