Friday, June 01, 2007

Full Moon over Jamaica...

Jamaica Bay, that is.*

Nice paddle although a bit on the short side - I was shooting for the Elder's Point Marsh, launched a little while before sunset. It was pretty breezy (the dinghy sailors were all coming in just as I was going out, they looked pretty happy!), and I didn't make it all the way to Elder's Point because I started seeing some distant flickers in the clouds. Forecast had mentioned thunderstorms & since it's bad form to get electrocuted during the work week, I elected to pack it in & head back for the dock. Nice paddle though - never been out in the bay at such high water, the beaches were pretty much gone, the shorebirds all sounded like they were having some serious discussions about the scraps that were left. I set my course by the wind direction, went out against some pretty good-sized (for Jamaica Bay) chop - maybe a foot, and then had a fabulously surf-y trip back. Romanys do get happy in a following sea! Nice paddle, maybe 5 miles in all, then went back to the club & packed up everything I'll need for Canoe Safety at Atlantic Kayak Tours tomorrow.

Yeesh. This will be the first assessed thing I've taken since I got my 4 star. Naturally all the old "oh jeeze, I'm gonna suck" insecurities are all flooding in. Seems like everybody gets those. This is the last prerequisite I need to nail down before I can take the coach training at Sebago on the 15th & 16th. Got my CPR update last weekend, only thing I'm missing (assuming I don't actually suck so badly tomorrow that Bill shakes his head & sadly demotes me to a 1-star) is that I've er sort of er discovered that I don't know where any of the actual certificates that are proof of my various certifications ended up after I moved. Oops. Well, fortunately if I can't scrounge 'em up tonight, I can ask the Lozanos what to do.

Boy, I like taking classes but I forget how much I dislike the paperwork end of things. Oh well. Into every life a little bureaucracy must fall.

And speaking of bureaucracy - sounds like a lot more bureaucracy than one would have desired is falling into the lives of the barge gang. I mentioned yesterday that it hadn't opened, there was a question in the comment about more details - here was my answer:

Dan, I'm sorry, all I know for sure is that it sounds like the New York Riversports crew and the barge formerly known as Pier 63 have run into a number of unexpected delays in dealing with the...requirements of the Trust.

Here are a couple of emails for people who should know what's going on:

Trust emails:
Connie Fishman:
Noreen Doyle:

That's Connie & Noreen, president & EVP of the Trust - mentioning that you miss the barge & you're eager to see it open can't hurt. I'm out of the loop but I just have a feeling that if the Trust really wanted things to happen, they would happen. Them being in charge, and all.

Maybe a little general encouragement from the public would help.

The MKC blog has sporadic updates -

The Frying Pan website doesn't appear to have updates, but there's contact info there.

If I get anything solid, I will post it here. This is really depressing, the way the Trust took something really neat & vibrant that put a WHOLE lot of people on the water in various ways, and just can't seem to manage to preserve that.

That's all I've got time for now! Have a nice weekend everybody!

*Lunch time photo download made possible by very nifty little birthday present from TQ - look ma, no cables! I had no clue I needed a "SanDisk Micromate" - what an excellent boyfriend.

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