Friday, June 29, 2007

Liberty Challenge Outrigger Race

I'll be missing it due to the fact that this weekend I go back into coaching mode - but if you happen to be in town & looking for something unusual to do this coming Saturday - may I suggest that you hele on down to the waterfront to watch the New York Outrigger's 2007 Liberty World Outrigger Competition"!

They've got a page that has a really good list of spectator vantage points - and you don't need to paddle at all to get to any of them!

And I think I'll just leave that up on top until Sunday, when maybe I'll have a star 1 star 2 weekend review from the coach level 2 trainee perspective (although it's far more likely I shall barely get the wet kayak gear out of the bag before I stumble off to bed - these weekends are exhausting). Having done pretty well at coach training, my follow-up instructions were to go work with some people I haven't worked with before - feel like I should have a little banner ad on this site, L2T seeks Coach 3 for meaningful short-term relationship, references available upon request...ha. No, I should just start sniffin' around for who's running what when & start knocking on doors.

Anyways, good luck to all the paddlers! Hope the weather behaves for you!

Especially seeing as it's been overly perfect for plants & ducks lately. Thunderstorm with drenching rain, 2 days of sun. Thunderstorm with drenching rain, 2 days of sun. It's just been doing that & the plants are all just adoring it, I cannot get over how fast everything is growing! I've had a few salads now, and tonight,I had to go out to prep my boat for the weekend & discovered that my snow and/or sugar snap peas (I got them mixed up in planting) - which I thought had just started flowering within the last few days - had actually already produced one lovely, ready to pick snow pea pod.

Not much you can do with one snow pea pod except pick it & eat it. So I did.

Looks like more on the way, too!

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