Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Kids Say It's Obama (Long Since Broken News)

I've been pretty quiet about the upcoming elections, but following with interest. Let's just say I know who I hope will win (although as I've mentioned, even if that happens, I'm not expecting miracles).

Now, there's one poll that I have been waiting for with more interest than any other - the Scholastic students poll. Some kids may think they're little rebels, and their parents may agree, but apparently enough kids are influenced enough by what they hear in their homes & neighborhoods that when you ask them to vote shortly before the real election, the results will be an almost uncannily accurate reflection of how us adults will be voting in November. The kids' pick has been the actual winner for all but 2 elections since 1940. So I was quite curious about what they'd say.

I was reasonably happy to come back from vacation to find out that the kids picked Obama.

I'd like to say woo hoo, but why do I have this feeling this could be one of the fluky years?

I'd meant to post about it the day the press release came out - but that happened while I was on vacation, and then I came back to a crazy week, and now everybody probably knows about it so this is probably a totally pointless post.

Gonna post it anyways, though!

1. Perfect length for a quick lunch break post!
2. Maybe everyone else isn't quite as immersed in the world of children's publishing as I am, so maybe NOT everyone knows about this poll, and I do know that an awful lot of us are taking an awful lot more interest in every detail of the campaign this year, so maybe it actually will be of interest...

Anyways, if it's not, don't worry, I'll be back to rambling on about the PFD-use habits of normal paddlers & surf-ski deities soon. What, you thought I was through flogging that dead horse? No way, there's still a couple of spots of intact hide...

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