Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Lunchtime Linkage - Brian, Karen, and Puffin Set Forth to Visit NYC's Movable Bridges

Remember my friend Brian? There he is off the coast of Japan during the Japan-to-Victoria, B.C. leg of the 2006 Clipper Around-the-World Yacht Race (and -here's the writeup that came with that photo!)

Ordinarily, his boating is a little more local - he's practically a neighbor in Jamaica Bay, his boat, the Puffin, is berthed in Mill Basin, the next basin over from the Paerdegat. He emailed me yesterday asking whether the scotch helped (answer - don't know if it helped, but I sure enjoyed it!) and to tell me about his new website, A Movable Bridge, which will chronicle the progress of he & Karen's planned goal of visiting every movable bridge in New York City. So far, they've gotten Mill Basin (sort of a prerequisite for all their bridge visits) and travelled up the Gowanus Canal (where it seems that sometimes the movable bridges aren't so movable after all...they pulled through by "thinking short thoughts", though!). It's not going to be a daily thing, obviously, but it's going to be fun following along as they do make their way around the "6th Borough".

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