Friday, October 31, 2008

Guess What's Pua's Fault? (Mahalo, Pua!)

Blogger's warning: Happy Halloween! Beyond that greeting, this post contains no further references to either Halloween. No boats, either. If that makes you sad, try this instead!

She had to go and say "lilikoi".

Doggone it. Guess what that meant I had to get before the week was out?

No, not shave ice. Getting to Matsumoto's (or even Aoki's, where the shave ice is also pretty onolicious & the line isn't nearly as long) is not a possibility this year (not enough vacation days for starters).

Just one of these.

Well, guess where you get one of those?

Anyone who's been reading this blog for a while might know...

(oh, and as long as I'm assigning gratitudeblame I should mention that it's HIS fault that I even know about this place...

And guess what I can't walk into L&L Barbecue without buying...

this time, beef short rib mini-plate

Oh shoot, and how on earth did that haupia end up in that bag?

coconut pudding - trust me, tastes way better than it looks!

Now if only they'd add shave ice (at least in the summer), and saimin, and some real Hawaiian-kine manapua, and get Leonard's to open up a branch next door...

(come on, Leonard's people - NYC had it's cream-puff mania moment...the time is ripe for the malasada!)

Well drat that Pua for saying lilikoi!

But really...thank you thank you thank you so much for stopping by - glad to see your life is looking up. Totally worth suffering through a few unfulfillable cravings - not like I don't get those all the time anyways!

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