Saturday, October 25, 2008

Missing orcas -

Sad story from Washington State.

I'm putting this under the Urban Wildlife tag because on Columbus Day, I was in the Seattle Aquarium & among many things I saw there was a video about one of the 3 pods. There was one shot of them swimming in a sunset light with the city shining behind them. Amazing - I'd never realized that some of them were right in the urban area, somehow pictured them all as being in wilder places. But then as I know from my own NYC paddling - the lines between urban & wild are blurred when you pass the shoreline.

And speaking of Washinton - having a quiet weekend catching up with myself & hope to produce a full writeup of our incredible experience at the Body Boat Blade Ocean Currents class we took, and also finish up the Flickr gallery I've posted with no titles. It's funny, I thought I'd be doing another one of my favorite "photo trip reports", but as I started working on the gallery, I realized that there were huge chunks missing out of both days - yes, I took a lot of pictures, but it wasn't like my local paddles, where things are relaxed enough that I've always got time to pull out the camera. During this class, the only time I was taking pictures was when I was taking breaks - and I took as few of those as I could manage!

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