Wednesday, December 17, 2008

More Proxigean Pictures

As promised!

There's an old hulk on the sandbar that extends out to the daymark to the east of Canarsie Pol.

Here's what you see of it near normal low tide:

Here it was at low water on our post-proxigean paddle on Sunday!

TQ ended up having to do that walking-on-the-water impression because yours truly simply had to go see how much of this was there to be seen.

Quite a bit! And by the way, there's usually water over there. Not necessarily enough to float a kayak at normal low, but enough to just cover the sandbar.

I knew perfectly well we were likely to run out of water.

But...check out the pretty green sponges!

There was a lot of stuff that was high & dry that's usually underwater, and the animals seemed to be enjoying the smorgasbord. This guy & a couple of others were busy clamming - one ran away, this one did look up a moment after I took the picture but wasn't in a hurry to leave his shellfish bonanza, nor did I want him to (I'd had a great lunch, why shouldn't he?), so I headed on.

In general, those little long-legged shoreline type birds tend to be a little skittish around kayaks, but like the raccoon, these guys (I think they are Ruddy Turnstones but will check with my birder friends) were so focused on the wonderful feast this low, low water had uncovered, they hardly paid attention to us at all as we passed.

A little more J-Bay wildlife, out on the Rockaway Peninsula.

The herd approaches the watering hole with caution...

(12/18 lunchtime update - A few more photos to come tonight - but I'm just signing in to suggest that the kayak-obsessed among you (you know who you are) might find a visit to the 70.8% blog particularly enjoyable right around now!)

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