Friday, December 12, 2008

Proxigean Tides Are Here!

Yup, today's the day! And it's true.

Here's a post about the water levels in Victoria, BC. And here on the other side of the North American continect, the word from South Norwalk, CT this morning is that Water Street is more Water than Street today - the sidewalks are dry but the street is flooded.

Sebago's cold-weather paddling crew is planning a trip to the Wharf Bar & Grill on the Rockaway Peninsula on Sunday (looks awesome, weather in the mid-40's & not much wind) & we're going to make a stop at Ruffle Bar on the way back for some beachcombing.

Going to be very interesting seeing how much of J-Bay ends up high and dry by low water. I remember having such a good laugh my first winter as a Sebago member when Vice-Commodore Pete saying (after a Hudson River trip where things went significantly awry) "We get spoiled here in Jamaica Bay, 80% of the bay, you get in trouble, you just stand up & walk to shore"!

I'm betting that's even more true than usual at low water this weekend.

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