Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Blue Drinks, Tonight at Pier 66:

From the NYC Watertrail Association:

Blue Drinks at Pier 66 Maritime
Tuesday May 10, 6:30-9:30pm
$5 drink specials and light refreshments served

Tuesday May 10 from 6:30 - 9:30pm will be the first in what we hope becomes a series of harbor-related networking events. Modeled on the Green Drinks series and sponsored by the NYC Water Trail Association, "Blue Drinks" is for the human-powered boating and water access advocacy community- the boaters, the swimmers, the organizers, the teachers, and of course, the volunteers.

The event will be a great chance to catch up with friends and colleagues as the boating season gets underway, meet new paddling partners, learn about new boating groups, launch sites, and volunteer opportunities, and hear what the NYCWTA has been up to and what we hope to accomplish this season and in the future. Bring your group's flyers, cards, and announcements to share and pick up the newest NYC Water Trail Map and a free laminated NYCWTA Tide Wheel which is very useful for planning harbor outings and Manhattan circumnavigations.

The venue is Pier 66 Maritime, aka the Barge, on West 26th Street and the Hudson River--the fabulous multi-use public access space created by the late, great John Krevey (special thanks to Angela Krevey for helping to arrange this). We hope this gathering of people committed to free public water access in some small way honors his memory and celebrates his contributions to the waterfront. The Barge will be offering $5 drink specials to NYCWTA folks all night.

Please consider making a $10 donation to support our work!

Blue Hawaiian picture lifted from the Cabana Bob's recipe page.

Friends don't let friends paddle drunk!


Dave B said...

Hi, found your post via Twitter (@NewYorkology). Don't think I can make it tonight, but am glad to have found your blog. I intend to make it to the Downtown Boathouse, & also get involved with Hoboken Cove.

Is it practical for an apt. dweller to own a kayak? I live near the Hudson & have wondered if it's possible to have a small/light kayak that can be carried/wheeled to the water. If you have any idea on whether this is possible or realistic, & if so know of a website where I could find info on such a kayak, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

bonnie said...

Hi, Dave! Thanks for visiting, and hopefully this will be the first of many Blue Drinks.

As far as keeping a kayak in an apartment - yes, absolutely, there are a couple of different solutions for urban kayakers who want to keep a kayak in their apartment. The best ones are a bit pricey, but so is Manhattan waterfront storage, and what you get for your money is admission to a whole new world that, imho, is a zillion times better than a gym.

The best way to find out more would probably be to call one of the area kayak shops. For you, I think Randy at the New York Kayak Company would probably be a good start - he's right here in town at Pier 40 (where Houston hits the Hudson) and caters specifically to the urban kayaker. You can talk to him about what you'd like to do and he can tell you about what sorts of boats there are that would serve your purpose, and what you'd need to know (there are a lot of rules & hazards to be aware of) to be safe and have fun paddling the NYC waterfront.

One more very very cool thing about a boat you can keep in your apartment? It's ALSO generally going to be a boat you can take on a train or a plane. Metro-North alone, the choices are endless...

PS - this is a totally unpaid plug!

bonnie said...

Oops! Here's the link to nykayak.com.

Dave B said...

Thanks much, Bonnie! This is just the kind of info I was looking for (I've asked at shops when I go kayaking, but that's usually on the coast of Maine, & the needs of the urban, non-car-owning kayaker are totally foreign to most folks).

It would be great if the Hoboken boathouse could be used to store people's kayaks, but the HoboCove folks have told me the city owns the facility & that it can't be done (not yet, anyway).

Thanks again, & hope to make it to Blue Drinks sometime!

Pandabonium said...

Blue drinks? Makes me quesy just looking at it. I hope one can donate without having to drink one. :0

bonnie said...

Well, most of the actual drinks were in the amber-to-golden range.


bonnie said...

PS - it was great fun, and I hope they do it again. Here's to Angela Krevey for hosting a wonderful evening.

Pandabonium said...

Blue drinks make me feel quesy just to look at them... :p

bonnie said...

Pandabonium, you will be glad to hear that most of the actual drinks that were consumed were in the more traditional amber to golden range!