Monday, May 16, 2011

Seal of Approval


Democrat Point, Fire Island.

We all know about and respect the Marine Mammal Protection Act, but when the beastie crawls up on the beach 10 yards from where somebody is teaching a surf launching and landing class and lays claim to one of the boats, what can you do?







Walter actually skipped the session because we didn't want to either scare the seal off or provoke it (it made a noise that sounded decidedly like seal for "Back off!" when somebody got a little too close), but eventually we did need to get the boat back to go home. 2 people walked quietly to the ends of the boat, picked it up and walked away - the seal didn't budge & was still there as we all paddled off towards Oak Beach.


Anonymous said...

i mean ... really . . . has this seal no respect at all for Marine Mammal Protection Act!??!@@! you kayaking marine mammals need to be protected from such an unrestrained molesting critter! did you call the feds and report this noncompliant seal?

bonnie said...

Oh, we totally should have. I mean, this was nearly an act of phocine piracy, Walter was deprived of the use of his boat for at least half an hour before we retook the prize.

But look at those eyes.

Baydog said...

And the kayaks kinda resemble the shape of that beast. A little.

bonnie said...

Actually, I was wondering if the seal was seeing it's own reflection on the side of the boat.

Pat said...

Or was the seal just having fun with the humans? We got to see seals at the Aquarium of the Pacific on Saturday as well as in the wild this past week, but we don't expect to see any tonight or tomorrow.

Pandabonium said...

This is my beach. Buzz off humans!

Iceland Circumnavigation said...

Is it possible the seal thought the grey-ish Tiderace kayak is a potential mate? I assume their vision i snot that great, so he/she wanted to check out this oversized seal dude ...

Emily Litella said...

Marine mammals?

I think you're slipping, Bonnie. Where have you been for the past few weeks? Seals are in the Navy.

Just look at the bravery of that seal - charging up the beach and standing his post in the face of a lot of kayakers dressed up in very scary costumes!

Go seals!

bonnie said...


Any or all of the above!

Paul, Dammit! said...

Harp seals are famous for being crotchety. I once got in a tug-of-war with one who took a liking to one of my lobster pots. He was winning, too, until I kicked the hydraulic hauler on.

bonnie said...

Ha! Can't argue with hydraulics!

This one was definitely ready to take on all comers. There were a couple of them in the area and they actually had been bothered earlier, most notably by a man who drove up in a Jeep with his boy; they parked close to the seals, got out & walked right up to them like you'd walk up to a smily wagtail dog. The seals both left the beach when the kid laid down on the sand a couple of feet away and starting taking pictures. There were also people fishing, and then of course us 9 paddlers coming and going at random intervals, too. Aside from looking like he was actually quite attracted to the kayak (whether as a friend or just as something to hide behind), this guy also just looked like he'd just had it up to HERE with having his shore time disturbed by those stupid freakin' humans. You could imagine a touch of Ratso Rizzo in the vocal protest when somebody went to get something out of the next boat on the line - "I'm baskin' here! I'm baskin' here!"

Peter said...

It's always nice with seals!

Cate Hawthorne said...

Those crazy harbor seals. Yesterday I had one following me about in the surf.

Great photos!!!