Monday, May 16, 2011

The Scallops of Success!

The Scallops of Success! by bkfrogma
The Scallops of Success!, a photo by bkfrogma on Flickr.

We stopped at Bigelow's for a celebratory meal after the ICE. TQ & I both got level 4* & everyone did quite well, so it was a happy dinner!

I tried the deep sea scallops this time. They were also fantastic.

*pending renewal of CPR & first aid for both of us and payment of dues for me.


Di said...

Mmmm, Bigelows...also congrats on the certification. Nicely done!

bonnie said...

Thank you! They were some sweet, sweet scallops, and I'm looking forward to chowder for dinner.

Baydog said...

We knew you guys could do it! Remembering to pay the dues may be the most difficult part. And ya killin me with the scallops. Still got to go to Bigelow's. Two new places I've seen on the cooking
channel that I must try: Fette Sau and Peaches Hot House. Any comments?

bonnie said...

Thanks, Baydog! Yeah, that "Baydog Goes To Bigelow's" project is still in the Unfinished Business file, isn't it?

The scallops were the best scallops I've had since that scallop dish that Dan Kim recommended when we went out for dinner after a sail on the Pretty Gee and a walk around the harbor mouth.

No comments on either of those places, I hadn't heard of either of them, but boy they look good, especially Fette Sau. I may have had the origins of the word "barbecue" wrong for most of my life, but my feelings for the stuff remains the same)!

Actually the issue with the dues is that I already paid them. I sent them to Sebago as part of my annual dues, as usual; I missed the memo about how the instructor candidates should withold their ACA dues from the club's check & pay them direct to the ACA. The club is pretty well run, but it's all volunteer, and the treasurer has not got the time to send each individual member's dues in the day he gets them - he'll collect & send when he's got a batch & has time. Next year, I'll know better. This year - well, actually I haven't checked for a couple of weeks & my dues could well have arrived since them.

Mmmmm, this chowder is yummy!

JP said...

Deep fried scallops .... hmmm not sure what to think: were they good?

I thought that less is more when it comes to cooking scallops.

bonnie said...

Oh, they're fantastic. Frying could certainly ruin a good scallop but the Bigelow's cooks are experts & the outcome is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Where is Bigelow's?

bonnie said...

Rockville Center, right on the Sunrise Highway.

Google map here.

Their website is but it doesn't seem to be working today.