Friday, July 01, 2011

Low Key Luck.

Nope, didn't get the call from Macy's/Nautica/Laser Performance asking where they should send my dad's new Sunfish.

The Other Islands of New York City

But when I went out at lunchtime to see how long a person would have to wait for a couple of Tribeca Taco Truck tacos, there were only 2 people in line - and would you look what somebody in my building didn't want any more? I don't understand how someone would give this away, but hey, I'm happy to give it a new home! :D

Not a bad day.


Vlad Brezina said...

We love that book! We have somehow acquired quite a few copies of the first, second, and now the third edition -- which might be a reason to give some of them another home where they will be appreciated anew... :-)

I recently wrote a review of the book here.

bonnie said...

Ah, I knew I'd seen something about the book recently, but I couldn't remember where!

I was familiar with it - can't remember whether I actually had a copy & loaned it to someone (I know I did that with a couple of books) or whether we had a copy in the library when I was one of the partners at Manhattan Kayak Company, but I was just tickled to find it. It may have actually been down there for a while, my building is full of readers & there's a bookshelf in the basement full of books people are done with, but last night I went to switch my clothes to the dryer a little bit early. Sat down in a chair that was catty-corner to the bookshelf to wait. Plan was to just doze (I was sleepy & had some housework to do before I could think about bed) until the machine stopped in 5 minutes. Got myself situated, shut my eyes, opened them again & suddenly noticed The Book - right at nose level, two feet from my face!