Monday, October 03, 2011

Wonder Woman

capri approaching VNB
Capri approaching the Verrazano Narrows Bridge. Haven't got time for a full write-up right now but I couldn't resist a sneak peek at my photos from yesterday's Ederle swim, and I thought I'd just share this one for now.

BTW, I was plenty impressed by Capri's swim yesterday even though she didn't make it all the way, but this morning, she posted something on Facebook that I found simply mindblowing.

Here was what I posted in response:

Tough swim yesterday. Capri was going strong & steady but we lost the flood somewhere around 3 (earlier than predicted, and I was hoping the S wind would hold the flood a little longer, but I think all that rain we've been having worked against us) and her swim ended in Bay Ridge. Still, she swam 12+ miles, swam for 7+ hours - and then what do you think she did today?

Got up at 6 AM and WENT FOR A SWIM! Capri, you're amazing.

Can you even imagine??? Now there's a woman who clearly swims for the sheer love of swimming. Awesome.


Anonymous said...

bravo to you both. if you had the opp, you'd probably have gone paddling today too, right?

bonnie said...

Well, possibly. But 12 miles sitting on your duff in a kayak is a very different matter than 12 miles swimming!

O Docker said...

And seven hours in the water with no wetsuit?

My lips are turning as purple as your last post.

bonnie said...

Oh yeah. They don't call her "Princess Polar Bear" for nothing!

We both got into the boat at the same time. She was fine aside from being very upset about losing the current - that and that alone cost her the full distance, she could have swum until sundown, I think.

Me? I was in a full paddling wetsuit & the instant I stopped moving I began shivering rather violently until her team wrapped me up in a blanket and fed me some nice hot soup. That staved off hypothermia but I didn't feel entirely thawed out until a couple of hours later, after I took a long, hot shower and TQ fed me a big bowl of his incredibly delicious homemade French onion soup.