Friday, March 30, 2012

Fish(eye) on Friday

Finally got the film from the Kodak Film Wake that Andy had organized a couple of weeks ago scanned - here's our neighborhood in black & white & fisheye.

Thanks again, Andy, that was fun (you KNOW it's good party when the host ends up wearing a lampshade on his head, right? :D)

PS - like music? Check out Andy's Audio Blog!

PPS - click on any of the photos for a slideshow view with larger shots - there's no more to read, I didn't do captions we just took a walk around Ditmas Park.


Mary said...

These are great! I love the light on the horse's eye!!

bonnie said...

Thanks! Almost didn't post the horse - it was Andy's camera and I'd never used one like it before, so I didn't know that it would cut off a bit of the top & bottom, so it ended up not being framed quite the way I thought it would be. The weirdness of the eye was actually what made me end up adding it.

O Docker said...


I find a fisheye is one of the hardest lenses to work with.

If you shoot a lot, after a while you start visualizing what a given scene will look like viewed through lenses of various focal lengths. But the fisheye is ofen a surprise no matter how much you use it.

It's amazing that fish do as well as they do with them.