Sunday, March 18, 2012

And the Totally Lame.

Winding up The Good, The Not-Bad, and the Totally Lame Philly food series tonight.

I'd already mentioned that the one total, utter, and complete failure in the execution of the Hawaiian theme at the Philadelphia Flower Show 2012 was in the food service area. Browsing through the event guide that we found in our hotel room, we were excited to see a mention of there being a special free-standing restaurant that would be serving Hawaiian (or at least "Hawaiian-inspired", that's the term used on the website) food.

Here's the lunch menu from the oh-so-disappointing "Kauai Kafe", just to prove that I wasn't exaggerating when I said that their food service folks apparently thought that all you have to do for your food to become "Hawaiian" is add a tropically-themed word to your deli meat sandwich.

I mean, dang, they didn't even bother with the canned pineapple slice that's the usual Mainland cheat for making plain ole ordinary Mainland food "Hawaiian". How freakin' lazy can you get?

"Bigeye tuna" look promising? Sorry, Charlie. That was tuna salad.

Oh, and nobody eats koala in Hawaii. That's a dirty lie.

thus endeth the rant. And now, in case that was too cranky - it really was only the food that was a letdown, and honestly, although I did get excited about the mention of the restaurant, at the same time, it was still convention-center food we were talking about, so my expectations weren't all THAT high. I wouldn't have been surprised at pineapple rings. This was one tiny glitch in an otherwise lovely show.

Photo upload is being balky tonight, but tomorrow, I'll post some of the stuff we DID like!

Yes, that IS a 25-foot waterfall in the background...


O Docker said...

Oh look, the South Pacific Ham and Cheese comes with authentic Hawaiian provolone.

Could have been worse - it might have been authentic South Philly Cheez Whiz.

bonnie said...

Actually, the cold cuts might have been better than the steam-table General Tso's chicken I ended up with. We went looking for something more interesting but it was already 2:30 -- we made it as far as the convention center food court (which we'd already been to once after asking about the "Kauai Kafe" and being misdirected - one of the food court cashiers told us where it was) and at that point we just ran out of patience & decided to just eat there so we could get back to the flowers.

bonnie said...

Hmm. Maybe the person who sent us to the food court in the first place was trying to warn us.

Joe Rousé said...


bonnie said...


I still get ticked off when I look at that menu! :D