Thursday, March 15, 2012

Help Save the Mary A. Whalen and PortSide NewYork, the organization that calls her home!

Just a quick lunchtime email, week continues to be crazy, but I've been waiting for news of ways to help save the Mary A. Whalen, Carolina had sent an update earlier this week & I just saw that it's got a "share on Blogger" button, so here I go, sharing it on Blogger!

Can't believe how fast April is coming up.


Tillerman said...

Who was Mary A Whalen?

bonnie said...

Good question, I've put it up on the facebook page, there are people involved in the rescue effort who actually worked aboard the tanker & I'm sure someone knows. I'd assume wife or mother or aunt or some other close female relation of the owner who re-named the ship (which was launched as the S.T. Kiddoo), but the PortSide history page doesn't mention who the namesake was.