Thursday, March 29, 2012

Parts of Parts and Pieces -

A little off-topic for this blog, but just can't resist a quick plug for a play by a fellow paddler who turns out to be an amazing playwright. I always enjoy finding out the real-life talents of people I've enjoyed spending time with on the water - this one sort of blew me away and I'm very, very glad that things worked out that in this crazy work week I actually did get a night where I got out early enough to see it. Big thanks to Sebago's own lovely Laurie Pea, outreach coordinator for the play, for outreaching me right into that front-row seat.

Wow. If you live in New York, and you enjoy theater, I can't recommend the play I saw tonight enough. Parts of Parts and Stitches was amazing - Riti Sachdevi took the time of the partition of India (which I now feel I should learn more about - I knew that there was violence at the time that has reverberations to this day, but I just wasn't aware of how terrible things were) and creates an absolutely mythological story of people's responses.

The chorus of vultures is particularly chilling - mob mentality personified, goading various characters to greater and greater acts of hatred, feasting on the leavings - horrifying because it's so easy to picture them hovering in the background in so many stories we have in the news these days, both here at home and abroad.

Only running 3 more days. Worth catching if you can.

Click here for details, or here to read a more formal review.

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