Friday, April 13, 2012

Foodie Friday - Simple Pleasures

1. Pizza

Mixed emotions about seeing local pizzeria DiFara's make yet another "best pizzas" list. Always nice to see local pizza icon Dom getting the recognition he deserves - but dang it all, Muskie, it's already hard enough to get a slice there and this is not gonna help that one bit!

Pizza shovels are for wimps:
The guy's been making pizza for so long he's got oven mitts for hands.

Artist At Work:

That's Amore!

2. Backyard Chicken Eggs:

PAAS, schmaas. I always loved decorating eggs when I was a kid (and come to think of it had a lot of fun learning to do pysanky from a friend's sister sometime back in the 90's, when I guess I'd have to admit to no longer being a kid), but I think this bowl of backyard chicken eggs might just be prettier than any Easter basket I ever had:

Courtesy of the backyard chickens of an old friend from Pier 63. I used to call Daniel "goofyman" on this blog, after "goofy-footed" - when he was learning to roll, he discovered that although he's right-handed, it was easier for him to get the roll on what most right-handers would consider the "offside", with the left hand guiding the sweep instead of the right. He and his family moved to my neighborhood a couple of years ago, they got one of the nice houses in the area and they've actually got this great little backyard food thing going on - they compost, they garden, and they have 4 chickens who I'm always happy to get called on to take care of. Not only are the eggs fantastic, but I actually like stopping by to see them - they're much friendlier & more interested in people than I ever thought chickens would be, and it's fun watching them and seeing what sort of treats they like. Last time they got the wilty parts of my last chard pickings, this time I discovered that they absolutely adore apples; I offered them a core from one I'd eaten on the way over yesterday morning (which was last day of chickensitting this time) - they grabbed it with gusto & there was a very happy-sounding chorus of "brrrrrk brrrrk brrrrk!" as they gobbled it up.

Daniel had told me they were laying well right now, and when I went to check in on them on the first day I found six eggs in the nest boxes! Had to take a picture - partly because they were so pretty, and partly to post over on Facebook, where a friend who lives up near Poughkeepsie had just read an article in the Times about backyard chickens and is thinking maybe he should get some.

Yes, Jeffrey, you should! :D

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