Monday, April 30, 2012

Long Island Paddling Guidebook Author Kevin Stiegelmaier Speaks at REI Soho, 7 PM, Thurs, 5/3/2012

Can't resist one more quick post here on my lunch hour to spread the word about Kevin Stiegelmaier's presentation this coming Thursday, 5/3/2012, at REI SoHo. Kevin contacted me & my friends at Sebago during the mean, mean winter of 2010-2011, looking to add a Jamaica Bay paddle to what was then a work-in-process, a guide to paddling Long Island. With the length of the island being 120 miles or so, and the coast being laced with inlets and marshes and bays (oh my!), this was a massive project, and we were happy to help out! Between the weather & other commitments it took us a couple of tries, but in the end a few of us joined Kevin for a very nice paddle to Broad Channel, which is always one of my favorite destinations in Jamaica Bay. Kevin took the picture above during that paddle, it's actually in the book, and I just love it - the thing I love about paddling to Broad Channel is that if you just dropped a person there out of the blue, they'd never in a million years guess that they were in New York City, they'd guess some rural little fishing town in Massachusetts or something like that (at least until the A train rattled by).

I haven't seen the book yet (although Kevin's sending me one soon, yay!) but with the time and effort Kevin put into producing it, I expect it'll be a prized addition to any local paddler's personal library - and if I hadn't already been signed up for the New York International Children's Film Festival 2nd "Annual" (plus a few months) Adults-Only Claymation Workshop, there's no way I would miss the chance to hear him talk about his now-complete-and-published guidebook, Paddling Long Island and New York City. This Thursday at REI SoHo. Click here for full details!

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