Monday, April 30, 2012

One More Space Shuttle Post

I'd met up with my sailing friend Chris on Friday morning - his mentioning that he was going to North Cove to watch the flyby was actually what gave me the idea that I might just want to take the morning off. We met on the south side of the entryway to the marina. Turned out another blogging friend had chosen a spot just a few yards south of where we were watching - I'd walked right past him on my way there, but I was looking for Chris, and Ric was looking down the harbor watching for the shuttle, so we didn't spot each other until Chris & I were leaving.

I was very happy to see him - partly because it's always nice to run into Ric, and partly because I knew that that would mean there would be some good video! There was, too - this time he'd shot video of the northbound flight & stills of the southbound. They came out well & they're now up The Old Salt Blog. Enjoy!

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