Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Moving Day for PortSide NewYork (but unfortunately not the Mary A. Whalen herself)

Security notifications at the Red Hook Container Port gate.Columbia Street, 11 amEngine room, Mary A. WhalenThe galley on the Mary A. Whalen -The deck - and Carolina's herb garden.Drying painting
Instrument panelThe wheelhouse on the Mary A. WhalenOn board the Mary A. WhalenCarolina shows Emily the diesel stove in the galleyTouring the galley.The Mary A. Whalen
Inside an old engine partOld, old engine parts.Chiclet was here...Loaded vanVan unloaded; Carolina talks to the neighbors."Neighbors! We have neighbors!"
Machine shop chestThe best of the artifacts - an antique scalePhoto session in front of the Tanker - very close to the picture that appeared in the Sunday Times article, because...I was standing right behind the photographer from the Times.Another one of the artifacts -And another, a truly fantastic knot board.

flickr photo album from 4/14/2012 - helping move the PortSide NewYork office and maritime artifacts to the donated temporary office space at 145 Columbia Street.

The New York Times, btw, did run a very nice article just this last Sunday. Fingers still crossed & knocking wood that she finds a new home.


Harry said...

Bonnie has there been any improvement on this situation for Caroline, know the deadline is near. I have not received any news recently,and there is a lot of us old-time harbor guys that are pulling for her.

bonnie said...

I hadn't heard anything new since I helped her out that weekend, until this morning when there was a new Facebook with a link to the latest update.

No answer yet but she's not throwing in the towel yet either.

Harry said...

Thank You Bonnie, I received Carolines update yesterday. We wish her the best in this project,glad she is not throwing in the towel! Also my friends and I are voting for Pam every day, hope all works out for them too.

bonnie said...

Me too. If my fingers were crossed any harder I'd sprain them.

D'OH! Pam! Vote! Agh! Thanks for the reminder, I had totally spaced that one.

Harry said...

I receive a daily reminder to vote,so I can not forget...glad that I signed up for that.In my retirement years I seem to forget stuff,even though I am bored out of my mind most days LOL. But for the life of me I can not understand why this voting process is so complicated