Monday, July 23, 2012

Back to the Baltic: 49'er Skiff in Helsinki Harbor

How do you say "YeeHAH!" in Finnish? :D

 Click for details - this one's nice, if I may say so myself. Although I do wish that radio tower or whatever it is wasn't quite so whatever-it-is-ish.

 Taken during our shortest sail of the entire trip - 6/20/2012, Pihlajasaari to Suomenlinna, which was just around 4 miles and took about half an hour, not counting driving around looking for a parking spot, which was frighteningly reminiscent of trying to park in Park Slope (a veddy posh neighborhood in Brooklyn where everyone has cars but no one has garages).

We'd thought about taking a more circuitous route just to make it worth raising the sails. We were glad we didn't - Suomenlinna deserved every minute we could spare!


Tillerman said...

Finland won the gold medal in the 49er class at the 2000 Olympics.

bonnie said...

Helsinki Harbor was an absolute hive of small sailing craft - it was wonderful!

I actually thought about checking that sail number - this was in June, who knows, maybe these sailors were getting ready for London.

bonnie said...

Sail # FIN 820 - anybody know who that is?

JP said...

That all looks very very familiar :)

Lovely sailing area with bay after bay of boats nodding gently by their moorings.