Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Let's Learn A Word In Irish!

Bundún or bun dún - pronounced "bun doon" - backside.

Use: Annalise Murphy kicked some serious bundún today!

I had actually not managed to watch any Olympics yet, but this morning one of the other Sebago sailors sent out a link to streaming video of one of the Laser radial races that was going on RIGHT THEN and I couldn't resist watching for a bit. Fortunately I'd signed on 2 mark turns before the end so I don't have TOO much time to make up. Glad I caught what I did, though, it was awesome. Jeeze, was this lady fast!!!

picture lifted from TheJournal.ie - usually I don't lift pictures, but it's just so perfect. My impression of her sailing was that she'd somehow fitted out her boat with some sort of maglev device. Not so much sailing as flying low, y'know?


Tillerman said...

Is olc an ghaoth nach séideann do dhuine éigin.

JP said...

Raced: 4
Won: 4

Is it time for a new "Murphy's law"?

ps good day for Alison Young too!

bonnie said...

I was so glad I got to watch the smidgen I did. They were really all flying - Ms. Murphy was just flying particular well!

bonnie said...

PS - Tillerman, cucumbers next.

bonnie said...

pps...oops. What happened to the US? I didn't really notice!

bonnie said...

ppps...oops. Apparently all the admiration has cursed her - she's still leading pointwise but she had a couple not-so-good races too and the gold is much more up for grabs than it was looking like it was going to be when I posted this yesterday.