Friday, July 20, 2012

Sailing To Helsinki, A Video Post - How good was our wind?

This good! And here's a little snippet of finding our way through the beautiful maze of islands that makes up the Finnish coastline.


JP said...

Looks nice - looking forward to the Helsinki posts

bonnie said...

er...would you be terribly disappointed if I told you that we didn't actually get to Helsinki proper?

We spent 2 nights in Helsinki Harbor - I've already posted the pictures from Pihlajasaari, which include pictures of various small craft having a wonderful afternoon in the harbor - the next day we went to Suomenlinna, which I may just have to break down & do a gallery for, too many pictures. Fascinating place.

But we never actually landed on the mainland. Sorry!

JP said...

Suomenlinna will do

bonnie said...

Oh, good. That's next!