Thursday, July 19, 2012

Blue & Green Drinks TONIGHT (Thurs Jul. 19th) plus a good reading this Saturday!

Oops! I'm so caught up in my trip reporting that I lost track of an event that happens tonight - it's time for another waterside gathering with libations of an azure hue! Green too this time - the Blue Drinks were inspired by the original Green Drinks social gatherings and this one is a twofer. I didn't think I was going to go but the project I was working on earlier in the week that kept sprouting another complication every time I thought it was done now actually seems to be done, so I may go have a beer or two - I see quite a few friends are going, should be fun.
And then this Saturday, July 21st, there's going to be a reading and discussion from 6 - 8 pm on board the steamship Lilac, at Pier 25 in the Hudson River Park: Susan Fox Rogers, author of My Reach: A Hudson River Memoir, discusses the personal exploration and physical journey by kayak that led to her book. Co-sponsored by the New York City Watertrail Association.

I'd gone to one of her readings in Brooklyn last year, I read the book, I loved it, and the only reason that I'm not going is because I am swimming in Grimaldo's Mile on Sunday morning and it's going to be a very early start - otherwise, although I usually don't like to trek into Manhattan on weekends, I'd be there.

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