Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Last Sebago Pool Session of the 2012-13 chlorine season!

Note - lots of fun pictures down below the verbiage!

By Sunday morning, TQ and I were back to our more habitual fun of kayaking! It would've been a bit on the gusty side outside, but guess what, it's always perfect in the pool, and with Sunday being the last session of the 2012-2013 pool season, we didn't want to miss it. That actually had a lot to do with the weird Friday baseball whim, with a good "yoga in a boat" session planned for Sunday I didn't feel like I really had to get out on the water on Saturday.

I'm very glad we made a few more pool sessions this year. We spent plenty of time in the pool during the winter of 2011-2012, but we were actually teaching basics, and between that and the winter being a very mild one, it was a little hard to talk ourselves into Sunday mornings at the pool, too. I'd also done something peculiar to my shoulder during the 2012 New Year's Day frostbite regatta - again, because it was so warm I did about 30 New Year's Day rolls instead of the usual half-dozen or so, which was just stupid - the first 29 were fine but I was getting a little lightheaded by the end (which is generally a good sign that you should stop) and the 30th went wrong, somehow I blew an offside roll, got flustered, went for the on-side without a proper setup and although I came up in one piece I pulled something in the shoulder area in the process. It wasn't bad enough to send me to a doctor but even after the actual soreness went away it didn't feel quite right for a long time. It left feeling a little timid about doing anything much more adventurous than basic sweep rolls (a very simple roll and the one that I actually do when I get knocked over in surf) over the summer. I'm not sure anyone I paddled with during the summer would have noticed that I was being more restrained than usual but I was, and I knew it. I did finally try a hand roll at Orient Point in August - I failed the roll but the shoulder didn't complain at all, which was nice. 
TQ and I had agreed that we didn't want to let another winter go by without some good practice, and the club's getting invited to go do a rolling demo at the Southern Connecticut Small Craft Symposium back in February was of course a BIG motivator in actually following through with that. Sure enough, a few sessions in warm clear water restored the fun factor nicely. I'm still missing a lot of the Greenland rolls I used to be able to do but the basics are re-solidified and guess what, my hand roll came back. Phew.
And of course I couldn't resist taking some pictures as clubmates got in their last hurrahs. A good end to pool season. Now all I have to do is remember to keep practicing once the water warms up in the bay, especially if I can't make it to the Hudson River Greenland Festival, which I suddenly decided on Sunday that I wanted to do but which may already by booked solid - gotta move fast for that one!


Pandabonium said...

Roll, roll, roll your boat
Underneath the pool
Ha, ha, fooled you all,
I'm a kayaking fool

Glad you got the practice. Be safe while having fun out there.

Harry said...

Thanks Bonnie,excellent pictures and very informative.We hope your back will be feeling better soon,I see my doctor on Thurs and will be running my plans by him (He has been my M.D for 23 years)He knows me well and I respect his opinion.And if I do get a go ahead,I wont push past my limitations...I cant afford to anymore.And we want to do it right and learn and practice safely.I am a volunteer fireman here locally ( everything up here is that way)and one of the things I do is run the dive boat for the big lake.When I get the squawk on my box for dive boat,I know its not good and all to often ends that way ( but we go and pray)also 30 years working tugs and oil barges.I have witnessed the good&bad on both sides of the coin,sometimes by professionals.We will be doing our best to prepare ourselves.Again thank you so much for your advice,my girlfriend is still looking at the photos with that mischievous grin on.I am sure we will speak again about this,have a good night.