Sunday, April 07, 2013

Random Pitcher

Tired of my random pictures? Here, how about a random pitcher instead?

Lovely weekend and ordinarily TQ and I would've gone boating or hiking on Saturday, but I've been feeling a bit frazzled after meeting the usual string of March deadlines at work and as I was listening to all of the Opening Week chatter among the office sport fans, it suddenly hit me that I was really in the mood for a really low key day - boating this time of year is nice but still involves collecting an awful lot of crap. I checked ticket prices and then fired off an email to TQ - "Unusual question: You wanna do something whacky and go see a baseball game tomorr

Him being the one who's actually the Mets fan (I'm not a real baseball fan myself, although I do enjoy the occasional game, but TQ's been rooting for the Mets since high school -- anybody can be a Yankees fan, but it takes fortitude to be a Mets fan!), he was of course up for that.

It was a little bit weird, I'd envisioned sitting in the sunshine with a beer and a hotdog, but there was no sunshine the in Promenade Gold section (great view of the game, though, and the shade would be a plus in the summertime), and we ended up with hot dogs and coffee instead - coffee at a ball game just seems wrong but those cries of "Cold beer here!" aren't very appealing when you're all bundled up and regretting wearing a baseball cap instead of a wooly winter hat. Ended up being a good game, though - and I took the Lumix and the zoom lens and had a very good time taking pictures. Click here for more.


Pandabonium said...

Oh, I thought you meant a random pitcher of beer down at the pub...

All those war movies where the code upon encountering fellow American troops was some baseball question. "Who won the world series in 1938?" I would've been shot right there. Never knew diddly about the professional game.

Always did enjoy a friendly game of softball at the company picnic though.

Harry said...

Sounds like fun Bonnie,and looks it too judging by those photos.My girlfriend and I got to take our new shepherd/chow mix puppy for a long walk around the lake on Sat.Then on Sun took the GTO on a nice long drive,everyone was out up here this more cabin fever Yah.

bonnie said...

The pitcher at the pub would be much more in keeping with my usual tastes. I think this is the first time in my life I've ever found myself spontaneously deciding that I actually wanted to go to a baseball game. TQ and I decided to go to a Cyclones game once (Coney Island minor league team, Mets farm team) but that was much less unusual - it was a lovely summer day, we'd gone for a walk on the boardwalk, we happened to be at the stadium just as the game was about to start, we had no special plans for the rest of the afternoon and tickets were fifteen bucks - why not?

This was much more unusual, but it turned out I picked a good game.

We also had kayak stuff planned for Sunday, went to the last pool session of the season. Pictures from that tonight!

Harry said...

Looking forward to seeing those pictures...kinda figured you would have some Kayaking plans in there somewhere.I am planning on going to the kayaking classes up here when all the facilities open up on the lake,my girlfriend and myself are interested in giving it a try this summer. I am not sure yet how it might effect my back and neck issues, but I am willing to give it a try and my girlfriend is also.If you can give us a little advice,it would be very much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

"anybody can be a Yankees fan, but it takes fortitude to be a Mets fan!"

I've been saying that since 1962, so it's good to come in virtual contact with someone who feels the same way. I finally made it to Citi Field last year (Johan's first home game after the no-hitter), and I have to say that for a stadium, it is a very welcoming place. Hope you and TQ get to go again, when it's really baseball weather.

bonnie said...

Hey, Ol' P, glad to find out you're another Mets fan! I'll have to ask TQ whether his game-going history reaches back to the Polo Grounds. We went to Citi Field for the first time last year with a bunch of friends of his from Connecticut and they liked the new place very much. This trop was totally spur-of-the-moment, which was nice, but I think we might try to get the gang to come down for another game (and yes, hopefully on a warmer day).

Harry - the pictures are up, hope you enjoy them!

As far as paddling with back issues - paddling can actually be very good for some back problems, good paddling technique really engages and strengthens the core muscles and that helps support the spinal column. Glad to hear you are looking at lessons, good paddling technique isn't exactly whatchamacallit...intuitive, I think is the word I'm after.

I'm sure you would anyways but I would talk to the doctor or chiropractor who takes care of your back before you start, he or she will have a much better idea of whether your particular back problems would be likely to be helped by an activity like paddling, or not.

If you get the go-ahead, do tell your instructor - he or she should ask if anyone in the class has any health issues very early on in the process. Make sure you get a kayak with a good supportive backrest. Be careful with the lifting and carrying, (I have a basically healthy spine and I did myself out of gardening yesterday because I was trying to walk and adjust my grip on a large, awkward boat at the same time - it's mostly OK today but I had to put that boat down very abruptly and call it a day as far as lifting and carrying), and I guess don't push yourself too hard, if your back begins to complain, listen to it!

I hope it works, though - you guys would have fun paddling.