Tuesday, April 02, 2013

My lucky night!

Oh wow oh wow oh WOW. Am I ever glad I made it to that - aside from catching up with a lot of old friends, look what I brought home, without breaking the bank (in fact I didn't even put a noticeable ding in it)!!! Two of my favorite local tugs by two of my favorite local maritime artists, the Pegasus by Bowsprite, and the W.O. Decker by Frank Hanavan. I was doing a little happy dance all the way home. Well, at least in my head I was.  

Great night, and it also got me to come home and do a little more on my own attempt at painting the Pegasus. I'd started in on this last week with a sketch of a picture I'd taken after Capt. Pamela had invited me on a ride from Red Hook up to Pier 40 in Manhattan. The sketch came out OK. 

Then I spent the next two nights that I had to paint messing around with the water, then it was Easter weekend and we had a dog to take canoeing on Saturday and Easter dinner up in CT with TQ's folks on Sunday, no time for arts and crafts. 

Tonight I came home from the Tug Art Show in the mood to do a little more, so I added in the red stripe of bottom paint, plus puddenings and passengers. And I messed around with the water some more, but I suspect I will keep doing that every time I have time to work on this. Here's where things ended up. 

To be continued. 


Bursledon Blogger said...

There is something about tug boats, maybe it's because they are tough work boats but cute , similar to the fascinatuin we have for steam locomotives on many levels

Harry said...

Good purchases Bonnie,love it.I couldn't get down there yesterday,something about getting 12 needles (and not small either) into ones neck&back kinda deterred me from doing anything further for the day.At least I got my donation in, and might I say you are artistically on point,cant wait to see the finished product.

bonnie said...

Tough but cute - perfect description. They're like bulldogs, who doesn't smile when they see a bulldog if they like dogs at all?

Harry, I'm sorry you couldn't make it, it was a really nice night! And thanks for the comment on my own painting. Did I mention that I'm totally winging it on this one? I think this is the first time I've ever really tried slowing down and taking time on something like this. I'm usually more inclined to rush through a picture & get it done in one or two sittings (that was how I did my other tugboat picture). This is totally an experiment and I don't know what I'm doing but I'm having fun doing it anyways.

Harry said...

Take your time on this one project Bonnie,I am not at all a good drawer or painter (my talents lie with stick figures)but it would seem to me that sometimes slower is better.So far it is shaping up quite nicely,and you can prolong your fun too.

Pandabonium said...

Yours will be better than the nice ones you scored I think.

Tug boats are like Clydesdale horses. Tough. Hard working. "Gambatte ne" attitude.

bonnie said...

Thanks! I don't know how it'll come out in the end but I haven't wrecked it yet and I'm having fun doing it.

Tugster Will had once expressed annoyance at an article that described tugboats as being like "giant, clumsy toddlers" - we ended up agreeing that they were much more like heavy draft horses.