Monday, April 01, 2013

Tug Art Sale for the Pegasus - Tuesday 4/2/2013 at the Ear

Just the quickest of posts here, this one totally snuck up on me - tomorrow night there's going to be a fun benefit for the Tug Pegasus - an art sale at the oh-so-salty Ear Inn (actually the gallery upstairs). Entry starts at $50.00 but it's to support the Tug Pegasus Preservation Project, one of my favorite local waterfront not-for-profit groups. Click here for full details on the sale and the group!

Duke, official boat's dog (and oh-so-handsome winner of the Best Mascot contest at the 2012 Great North River Tugboat Race and Competition) says "Support my boat - and don't let Capt. Pam forget the doggy bag, OK?"


Harry said...

Thanks for posting this Bonnie,I received a email about this and it totally slipped my mind.I am going to try to attend,my family and I have known Pamela for many years.It is a good cause and it would be good to see Pam again and the Pegasus too.

bonnie said...

Great! I hope to see you there - I think I'm going to go ahead and get my ticket tonight, it's not a sure thing that I'll be able to make it but if I can't that's OK, happy to donate.

Harry said...

Same here Bonnie,I was just over on their site and got the tickets.Now hopefully all works out for me in the morning (got to get the dreaded shots in my back&neck)Also happy to donate,hope to see you there.