Friday, September 27, 2013

Sunday Fun - A Day by the Bay at Floyd Bennett Field

Happy Aloha Friday! Still scrambling to finish everything I need to finish this month but I did want to just toss up a quick post here about a couple of cool things that are going on on Sunday, September 29th.

First one - there's a big family fun day happening from noon to 4 p.m. at Floyd Bennett Field. Sounds great - hiking, biking, paddling, birds of prey, cool old planes, music, storytelling, and oh btw, Sunday's forecast is absolutely LOVELY, sunny and 73 with a nice breeze, should be a splendid day to collect some friends and family and  spend a day outside. Click here for details!

And maybe see you there, I was actually going to go to Race #2 of the Sebago fall series but our vice-commodore is trying to round up a squad of vols for the kayaking and this seems like really a nice thing for the club to be involved in, so I think I might do that instead. If you do go and you see a bunch of little sailboats out there going back and forth on the water - that's Sebago Sailing! :D 

Can't resist sharing this spectacular shot by sailing co-chair and fantastic artist Holly Sears now - she was our Principal Race Officer for the Sebago Cup and she took her camera - this was my favorite shot of a very beautiful day.

Oh, and click here to read about another unusual thing that's going on on Sunday!  

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Stevie said...

Great shot!