Thursday, March 27, 2014

Duckydoodle 3 - Hooded Merganser

Not sure I would have drawn today, a loss in the family has me feeling rather scattered, but then I saw this incredibly handsome bird on Susan Fox Rogers' Facebook page this afternoon and couldn't resist a quick duck drawing this evening

I had to ask her what he was because I didn't recognize him. He turned out to be a hooded merganser, which is funny because we'd seen and identified a pair of these when Steve the Paddling Chef got us all out for a hike at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge - but it's not courting season in January so the mister wasn't trying to impress anyone, so it's not that surprising I didn't recognize this one.


clairesgarden said...

hope you're feeling ok. your drawings are good, what a great talent to have.

bonnie said...

Thanks, Claire. I'm sad, but my aunt Char fought a very long fight, and at least when the end came it was at least fairly quick. She'd been in her own home and amazing us all with her cheerful view of life right up until maybe a week and a half before the end, when she was moved to a hospice. After that, it was quick.

I've been having fun with the ducks, good way to unwind after work when things have been busy.

Heading out to Prospect Park now to see if I see any interesting new ducks to draw.

Pandabonium said...

Nice drawing of a beautiful bird.

Sad for your loss.

bonnie said...

Thanks, Pandabonium. Everyone who knew her is going to miss her very much.