Saturday, March 08, 2014

Tongue-Twister Most Fowl

"Brooklyn Bridge Beach Brants", five times, fast, please. How'd that go?

Tongue-twister courtesy of these guys:


Pandabonium said...

Brain twister. I can't even think that five times fast.

bonnie said...

It's a good one, right? I end up with something like "brooklynbridgebreeshbransh".

You know what another good one is? You're from Hawaii, remember Meadow Gold's "Milk Nickel" ice cream bar? My sister and I realized one day that "Milk Nickel" wasn't just a yummy quiescently frozen dairy treat, it's also an excellent tongue-twister.

O Docker said...

A fine flock of frolicking fowl.

(Not safe for work.)