Sunday, March 30, 2014

Duckydoodle 4 - Long-Tailed Duck

I mostly see these guys when I make it out into the open waters of the Lower Harbor in the wintertime, they seem to like a lot of room.  They're very handsome ducks and they have this lovely rising tri-toned call.

I haven't ever gotten a photo of one of these but I found a lovely set on the Greg Schneider Photography website, hopefully Mr. Schneider won't mind.

It's been a thoroughly crappy weekend for paddling but I've charged up my camera and I'm going to head out for walk around the lakes and ponds of Prospect Park, see if I see any interesting ducks to draw next week (work will continue to have anxiety-dream-inducing levels of stress and I think coming home and doing a little drawing helps with the unwinding a bit). 

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