Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Seal Er BIGELOW'S PADDLE with the Sebago Canoe Club, 2/22/2014

Sorry, got a little out of order because my March 1st paddle left me so positively carbonated that I had to write about it, but there was a paddle the week before too and I did take more pictures than just the food ones. Friends at the club were asking about that at the insurance paperwork workshop on Sunday, so I figured before I share more pictures from Breezy Point, I'd backtrack for the seal er BIGELOW'S paddle. TQ has suggested a name change from "Seal Paddle" to "Bigelow's Paddle" to avoid disappointment if the seals are scarce - they've turned up every other year, but we were on the water for a particularly short time this year, and as I was telling one of the other paddlers while we were out on the water, it's not entirely clear whether it's us finding seals or seals finding us, either way sometimes it takes some time and we sort of hustled back soon. Something about single malt waiting back at the cars or something...

Anyways, even without the normal friendly phocidae, it was a lovely day on the water and of course I took plenty of pictures - click here to go to the slideshow. Towards the end, I do just repeat the same pictures as I posted for "(Shell)fish on Friday" a couple of days ago - now me, I never get tired of Bigelow's, but if you already saw those you can end on the picture where everybody's talking with their hands. Enjoy!  

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