Sunday, November 08, 2015

A little more subway art -

Big doin's at the club this weekend, the club succeeded in rolling the biggest boat we've ever rolled - on dry land! Plus I got to go paddling - never dreamed I would be back on the water just a month after my surgery but I was and although it was a short one, it was great. Will post about both of those soon, haven't had a chance to go through my pictures from the rollover yet, hope I can squeeze that in soon although I have a busy week ahead.

However, my last post (er, I mean the last Frogma post, by guest blogger Flat Stanley) talked a lot about the Arts for Transit program, and I thought it was rather serendipitous that one of the SD cards I used yesterday turned out to still have the photos from the fishless fishing trip I mentioned in one of my Hawaii posts but never actually posted about on it, so those got uploaded again, including a set of a subway art feature that pretty much stopped me in my tracks as I was heading for the boat. I rode the Franklin Avenue Shuttle from Prospect Park to get to Broad Channel; I'd never done that before and the stained glass installation there is absolutely spectacular. It's called Life and Continued Growth, it's by artist Eric Prior, here's the artist's explanation of the work, and here are my pictures. Click on the first one for better view, this is it for words today. Enjoy!


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