Thursday, November 19, 2015

Good news for the Peking (with special bad food-pun)

So. Wow. Work. So much work. Albakitty came from some deep overwork silly place, I said something to someone who was looking for FB kitties about all the kitties being busy at the G20, and offered a nice fluffy albatross instead, and then I thought, "Hey, he actually looks a little bit like a kitty" and then of course I had to go play with him on MSPaint and there you go, Albakitty. Hoping things quiet down next week, I have about 3 sets of photos I haven't had time to go through yet. Figured I would post Albakitty just to confuse people and/or let folks know I didn't go anywhere (just my cubicle).  
For the rest of this week, I have a few links to share. I'll start with the good news about the Peking that's been circulating on the salty sites recently - the Peking has finally found a new home! Flat Stanley could so easily have gone off on another tangent when we visited the Peking in late October, but that post had already gotten way more complicated then I probably should have let it, seeing as Flat Stanley's post was supposed to be for first graders, so I didn't go into that.  However, with this new news, it's time to say YAY and share it!

As you may or may not know, the fate of that handsome old cargo ship has been up in the air for a time; the South Street Seaport has been in the retrenching process, oh, pretty much since Hurricane Sandy, and at some point in the recent past, they made the hard decision to let one of the three tall ships in their collection go and the lot fell on the largest of the three, the Peking. It's sad, I'll miss seeing her, but the substantial silver lining is that the Wavertree, their other really big tall ship (I'm counting Pioneer as a tall ship, so she's the third) is now off being overhauled - she's never really been open to the public, as far as I can recall, but I was lucky enough to get to spend an afternoon hanging out in her wardroom one winter when what was supposed to be a short stop to rinse out the Rosemary Ruth's water tanks ended up having to be extended until the current lessened (here was the trip report from that day, that was a fun one to write), and as I recall, she was really quite lovely, and I was tickled when I read posts on The Old Salt Blog and Tugster about her being sent over to Cadell's in Staten Island for some serious TLC.

But I was even more tickled last week when I read that the last loose end in the South Street Seaport shuffle of the ships was tied up and that the hundred and four year old (!) Peking had found a new home (and a wonderfully appropriate one) in Hamburg, Germany, the very city where she was built in 1911. Click here to read more about it on the Working Harbor Committee blog.

And to close, here is the worst photographic food-pun I've ever made. OK, I think it's the ONLY photographic food-pun I've ever made, but still. Get it? Get it? HA HA HA HA HA! 

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