Sunday, November 22, 2015

Link #2 - Great Hokule'a article in the New York Times!

Argh! It was such a good plan - link a day for the rest of the week and then I couldn't even keep up with that. What a week! Anyways, finally coming back with the second link, which is to a great article about Hokule'a in the NY Times (illustrated online with this beautiful photo by Na’alehu Anthony of the Polynesian Voyaging Society and ‘Oiwi TV). 

It's from a while back, I didn't have a chance to go look at it when the word went out among some of my friends at Halawai but fortunately Sam Low, author of Hawaiki Rising (that's his FB page, here's the Goodreads review), reposted it last week. Very good article, nice to see extensive mention of 'Iolani alumna Jenna Ishii! :D 

 Hokule'a is in South Africa now - I think I saw on the PVS website that they are now actually as far from Hawai'i as they are going to be, and it looks like they are having an amazing visit there. Continued best wishes to the wa'a and her crew, I'm so looking forward to her visit here in June! Click here for the article. Enjoy!

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