Monday, March 14, 2016

Chemo - 7 down, 1 to go. Plus a bit of a trip report. Whoop!

And how am I doing? Like this! 

OK, full disclosure, that was actually taken on Saturday, 2 days before Round 7; I just had round 7 today and I'm not feeling quite that chipper now. Still really not bad, though, really not bad. Carrying on, and so glad that I was able to get in a paddling date with my guy this weekend. 

Saturday was clearly shaping up to be a splendid day for a paddle by late in the work week, in fact so much so that TQ and I actually ended up typing emails to each other suggesting it at exactly the same time on Friday (he got mine just as he was about to hit "send" on his and quickly changed it to a "hellzyeah!"). Nothing fancy, just out and around Ruffle Bar and back, although that ended up being a longer paddle than usual, as we ended up being out at low water and it was just a few days after the new moon and so Ruffle Bar was a lot bigger than it sometimes is! Probably about 7 miles, maybe a little more, nice paddle though, we enjoyed it thoroughly. I'm chained to my cubicle again this week so I'll share a few more photos in a couple of days.

The crocuses and the dramatic sky were both from Saturday, of course. I was delighted to see the crocuses, I'd hoped to go out to Glenwood, where I'd seen some sprouting a titch too soon (right before that brief cold snap), to see if they'd made it through (crocuses are pretty sturdy), but hadn't made it over there yet. That meant the club crocuses were the first I'd seen in full bloom this spring. Weren't they so lovely with the sun lighting them up? It was a good thing I took pictures before we launched.

I tossed up the sky-and-water shot right after paddling on Saturday, I stopped at home to shower and clean my gear before heading back to TQ's for dinner, and I didn't want to make him wait around while I blogged a whole trip report, but I couldn't resist sharing that one (and yes, I put up a few on Facebook, too). As you can see, there was a major shift in the weather's mood from when we set out to when we returned (Saturday's sky and water shot was taken as we were getting back to the Paerdegat), and it was actually really neat with the weather starting out like you see here, blue sky and sunshine la la la, and then these dramatic clouds coming in as we paddled. Great day on the bay. 


Nasreen Iqbal said...

You look so happy. Sounds like a great weekend!

bonnie said...

I don't selfie very well but every now and then I'll get one I like. This counted!

Of course the one thing I didn't mention here was that I did go to work on Sunday because I've got a number of March deadlines and I wasn't where I wanted to be on the ones that are coming up. That may sound like a weekend-wrecker, but first I slept in and took myself out for brunch and a bit of a walk, and then when I got to the office I got lots done, though, so that was also a very satisfying day in its own way. It was an excellent weekend!

Haralee Sleepwear said...

Glad you continue to feel OK and the end of chemo is near. Great photo!

Anne Louise Bannon said...

Sounds like so much fun. I want to start kayaking. Hope it gives you something to focus on during the treatment. My prayers and thoughts are with you.

bonnie said...

I've been so happy that this winter was so much kinder than the last two. It's been great to get out paddling as much as I have, really put me in a good frame of mind for going through chemo.