Thursday, March 31, 2016

Hokule'a's East Coast Schedule

Now available! Click here to view the schedule for Hokule'a's East Coast visit. I can't wait! :D That's kind of an outline version with bigger events; for day to day info, follow the links they have over there to their Facebook page (great updates, I've been enjoying those so much) and their live tracking map.

BTW, for West Coast friends who might be feeling left out, you may be getting a visit from Hokule'a's sister wa'a, Hikianalia; if you look at the map at, the light blue line is her sailing down the West Coast to meet Hokule'a in Panama before they sail home to Hawai'i together later in 2016. There aren't any details yet but keep an eye on that page for updates.

Can you even imagine the welcome-home party they are going to throw when Hokule'a gets back home to O'ahu after this amazing journey?

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Alana said...

I bet you will have a lot of fun at Governor's Island (New York City). It is a fantastic, not that well known, place to visit. And this is the year I am not visiting Charleston - oh well. Happy voyages to you!