Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Rescue in Rockaway

Meanwhile, back here in NYC, the weather's been teetering between winter and spring, warmer than it was there for a bit but very windy. I did something fun on Saturday night and there'll be pictures from that soon, but otherwise I had a pretty lazy weekend without much to report, so instead, here's some stuff about a fishing boat that ran aground off Far Rockaway on one of those windy, windy nights last week. There was a little more excitement than usual in the rescue, but in the end, everyone made it home fine except the boat. Sebago clubmate John Huntington went out to Far Rockaway the next day to take some photos, which Will at Tugster used to put together a very good report about the event. John's been doing more and more photography of late, combining it with his love of stormchasing, traveling, and theatrical events, and his new photography site is definitely worth checking out.

In addition to those stills, Carolina from PortSide NewYork) shared a link to a rather lovely drone video of the beached fishing boat, and a little bit later, John H. found this video from the helicopter that finally got the crew safely to shore. Hooray for the Coast Guard!

Note the next day - here's how the Carolina Queen III ended up in trouble.  



Nasreen Iqbal said...


I don't believe I'd be up for that, although it might just be because I saw "Twister" on TV the other day and don't believe I could put up with Jamie Gertz.

bonnie said...

Ha, now I have to watch "Twister" and see Jamie Gertz for myself!

John has a great time with his relatively new stormchasing hobby, he's been doing more and more of it over the last few years. At this point he's out in the midwest half the summer! I'm happy to follow his adventures vicariously - I do enjoy a good spectacular weather event (especially if no one gets hurt) but it ends up sounding like more travel than I would really enjoy. I enjoy travel but I'm also enough of a homebody - I like the occasional big special trip but running off to the airport every other week? No thanks!

I do LOVE seeing John's pictures, though. It's fun that somebody I know does this!