Thursday, March 24, 2016

Events Events Events - Hokule'a and a Ghost Ship Ball

There are a few fun things to do coming up here soon - unfortunately for me, I'm in the middle of what I think I'm going to start calling the march of March, working in a financial position as I do my job is very calendar-driven and March is always the busiest month, so chances of my getting to these is slim - but I thought I would share 'em here.

I'm actually going to start with one that's way way way outside of my usual area for event announcement - but I wanted to share it anyways because OH MY GOSH IT'S THE HOKULE'A'S FIRST US EAST COAST EVENT! WOOHOO! Hokule'a just arrived in Florida yesterday, having left Cuba early in the morning. She's in Key West now, according to her live tracking map, where she's going through customs, and then she'll continue north to Everglades City, where the first public event here on the US east coast will be held this coming Saturday, the 26th. Click here and scroll down the sidebar on the right for full details - and if you are somewhere along the East Coast to the north of there, keep an eye on that spot for announcements of events as she travels through your area!

Getting back to my local area of NYC -

There are 2 Hokule'a related events coming up. The first is Island to Island, a fundraiser featuring food by Noreetuh, beverages featuring Hawaiian rum by Julie Reiner, and wonderful live entertainment. Halawai, the Hawaiian cultural organization that's coordinating the NYC welcome, is putting on.
Click here for info and tickets.

Next up in the Hokule'a set is a pair of panel discussions about the resurgence of indigenous knowledge, like the Polynesian wayfinding skills that were nearly lost during the 20th century. Should be fascinating! This is being held on Thursday, March 31st at the New School at NYU, afternoon session from 1 to 3, evening from 6 to 8. These are free but please click here to RSVP.

Then on Saturday, April 2nd, there's another fantastic fundraiser, the Ghost Ship Ball at the House of Yes in Brooklyn. This one's for the North Brooklyn Boat Club and the Long Island City Community Boathouse, two really excellent local paddling clubs who have lined up an evening that sounds like crazy good fun - click here for details and tickets.

Now I feel like there is something else but I can't think of what it is right now. I'll come back and update if I do!


Frankie Perussault said...

how was the Ghost Ship Ball? I have deactivated my FaceBook account for the moment. It will give me more time to read good old blogs from good old friends!

bonnie said...

It was lots of fun! Unfortunately we couldn't stay for the acrobats, TQ works on Sundays and his work days start early, but the presentations were excellent and there were so many friends to catch up with. I've posted pictures now.