Saturday, July 01, 2017

1st Place Kayak Trophy from the 1st Annual Hudson Cup

Today's post was going to be Thursday in Colorado - A Day at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, but we have a big day at the club tomorrow with the christening of our amazing new hand-built safety boat, the Canarsian (congratulations Boatbuilding Committee on your successful first effort!) and I volunteered to lead a morning paddle before that, and need to be up quite early for that - so instead, here's the picture of the coconut trophy I was bragging about winning the last weekend! One of my friends had asked to see it, so here it is.

It's not fancy, but friends there were telling me that this was something of a spontaneous event - they started with the idea of outrigger races, and then not too long before the event, they decided to open it up and make it more of a public event. They did all of the trophies by hand on pretty short notice, they may get fancier in the future but this has heart, I love the tiki bar flavor and I'm proud to have it,

The shark is from a Ke Aloha Outrigger gathering that I got invited to last year - the shark was part of a drink called a Shark Bite, he got filled up with grenadine and plunged into a light-colored rum drink for a great blood-in-the-water effect, and of COURSE I had to take him home.

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Haralee said...

I love it! Now that is a trophy!!! Can anyone not laugh looking at it???