Saturday, July 08, 2017

How Does My Garden Grow? Early July Edition - plus, coming attraction!

Well, it's not shaping up to be my best garden ever. I planted in May, just before I went on vacation. When I left there were lots of chard and beet sprouts coming up in the big empty space, and I had a couple of friends lined up to water in case it was dry. Unfortunately late May and early June rollercoaster weather with big temperature swings and heavy, heavy rains. The pole beans didn't seem to care, the tomato plants just didn't grow much, ditto for the basil, which also got to looking seriously sad and wan, but survived, but it was apparently all a little too much for the beets and chard that usually take up that middle swath there. There are a few coming up but nothing like usual. I might start another round of seeds at home, now that the big office move is over I'm hoping I might be able to start getting out to the club on weekdays a little more.

I did get out to the club a little early on Tuesday so I could do a little gardening before the evening paddle. The weather's settled out into some more normal east coast summer weather, the basil has definitely cheered up, and I got to eat my first Sungold cherry tomatoes of the season!

We did have some huge downpours today, shows one one-hour span today that had 1.34 inches 
 (yikes, the general rule of thumb I've heard for water quality is that if it's rained more than an inch in 24 hours, a paddler would be wise to avoid immersion for the next couple of days, ugly things happen when the city's drain gets hit with too much water at once - I'm paddling tomorrow but my plan will be to stay right-side up, no refreshing rolling or bracing), and then tonight I was in the kitchen cooking haupia to share at the club tomorrow, rattling pots and pans and playing music, when I heard this strange hissing noise. First I thought it was something boiling over on the stove but it turned out to be the sound of the rain that I was hearing all the way from out the living room, where I keep a window open. Wasn't coming in or anything, just falling so heavily!

The other garden pictures are of clubmate Tracy's plot, she grows flowers and strawberries and the flowers were just looking so lovely in the late afternoon sun. The bees really appreciate her flowers!

And the last picture? Well, that's something I'm very excited about, tomorrow is going to be a great day at the club. Also a late one so I'll probably post about the day on Sunday. It's going to be great, though! 


Alana said...

Oh, to have tomatoes that early in upstate New York! We won't, but we have baby peppers in our front yard.

bonnie said...

Oh, I have some peppers in there too, I forgot. They made it through the rains too, so far!

my2fish said...

The flowers look great!

bonnie said...

Yeah, Tracy's garden is always lovely! And the bees love it, so that's a plus.

phann son said...

Great pictures. How cool your club as done this together!


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