Sunday, July 02, 2017

Christening Canarsian

The post about the Denver Museum of Nature and Science will once again have to wait, we had such a fine and festive day at Sebago today that I must share it right away. We have a boatbuilding committee at Sebago these days; this is a development that happened within the last couple of years, with sailing committee co-chair Jim Luton serving as the chair. Jim is a highly experienced professional woodworker, and with his guidance, beginning in May 2015, a group of Sebagoites has built an absolute stunner of a new workboat for the club, a Point Comfort 23 skiff, built from plans by boatbuilder Doug Hylan (look under design/stock plans for more information about the boat). A clubwide contest and vote last year resulted in the name Canarsian (suggested by Howie, one of the folks who spent the most time on the build), and today we had a wonderful gathering at the club for her christening.

The festivities started at 11:30, and today's weather looked good, so I called for an early morning paddle, launching at 8:30 and returning around 10:45, plenty of time for us to wash our boats and gear and have everything put away. Jim gave a very nice talk in which he named everyone who'd been involved in building the boat, with extra shout-outs to other Sebago folks who'd been particularly supportive - Norman, who towed the boat to the place where they installed the motor, Commodore Emeritus John W, who made sure the boat shed wood stove was properly fueled all winter, Holly (Jim's wife and sailing co-chair), who did the lettering on the boat and also dealt with the considerable hassle of getting her registration paperwork done, and so on. Jim even gave kudos for "Most Supportive" to the guy who's been been working to get more people into the club's racing committee, good stuff  - he's at the club for training all the time and any time the boat builders were there, he would visit to see how things were coming along.

After all the accolades, we went on down to the dock for the christening and a champagne toast to our lovely new boat and her builders, all done in high style with Moet & Chandon and Veuve Clicquot. Nothing but the best for Canarsian's debut!

Jim then took folks out for rides for a while, and since I'd brought my good camera to take pictures, John D., one of the club's sailors who's certified to drive Seagull, our old safety boat, a Boston Whaler we have on loan from the Parks Department, suggested that he and his son and I go on a little photographic chase boat excursion. I loved that idea, I took photos of the first two excursions, and then actually drove for the third one, which was lots of fun. I'd gotten my NYS boating safety certificate a few years back with the idea of learning to drive Seagull, but then never practiced; today's driving meant I missed riding in the new boat, but I made that trade willingly, I was glad to get a chance for a little properly supervised practice and pointers. Plus I got some nice shots of the first two groups that went out for rides!

The day ended as most really good days at Sebago do - with a good potluck. I couldn't have asked for a much nicer day. Click here for a Flickr album from the day. Want to learn more about the building of Canarsian? Jim reported the process from beginning to end at the Wooden Boat Forum. Enjoy!  


Unknown said...

a beautiful shot of the Canarsian and company !

Jimbo said...

Thanks Bonnie,
It was a great day!

HowieA said...

Great summary. Thanks Bonnie.

bonnie said...

You're welcome! Great day, that is a beautiful boat.

Sheree Martin said...

Sounds like a great way to spend the day. Looks fun!

Haralee said...

Great pictures. How cool your club as done this together!