Sunday, April 14, 2019

Blu Marble - neat but also disappointing

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Spotted that sign from Mr. Taco on my way to go see Blu Marble, a temporary art installation on Ludlow Street that's generated at least a little buzz that I've seen. It's by New York-based Chilean artist Sebastian Errazuriz, and it was really neat to see. The artwork consists of a circular LED screen displaying real-time live-stream images of Earth from a NASA satellite. I'd been meaning to go see it for a while, it went on display in mid-March and was only going to be up for a month - being one of the last people around who haven't gotten a smartphone yet, I haven't got a camera on me at all times like most people do. Finally remembered to bring my camera to work on Friday, the last possible day for me to go. I went around 8:30 pm and Earth was in a waning crescent phase - it's hard to make out the continents in my photos but I could make out the USA and it was fun to see the line of darkness that had fallen across NYC an hour earlier proceeding slowly westward. Even on a soggy night, a few people had come to see it.

It was neat to see but I was really disappointed to find out that the art was funded by a manufacturer of vaping equipment when I'd thought it was a production of the New Museum (opening was there and the first day featured a projected version on the side of the museum building). Bummer. 

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(frogma kayak not-quite-so-smily) 


Haralee said...

Very cool. I read about it and saw it on a news show. Would have loved to seen it live

Alana said...

Hadn't heard of this art event. I actually traveled to New York City twice in my life to see art installations - the Waterfalls and the Gates (which my then teen son christened "The Shower Curtains" and we still call it that. Too bad about who sponsored this one, which I hadn't heard of.

bonnie said...

The Shower Curtains! I'm dyin' over here!

This wasn't anywhere near the scale of either of those.