Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Spring Spring Springety Spring Spring Spring!

OK, it's been known to snow in April, but knock wood, we're getting some springy stuff in NYC now! Midwood Daffodil

Midwood magnolia buds

Midwood forsythia

First three all from my Brooklyn neighborhood - I love watching them coming in as I come and go from work.

The next 2 are from our great Pelham Bay Park hike up in the Bronx last weekend - still looks pretty wintery up there but these tiny little green leaves caught my eye, and another member of the group noticed a pussy willow tree just off the trail. 

And these are from Canarsie, weekend before last - cherry blossom buds, and then the crocuses I'd already shared not too long ago. I'll be at the club again this weekend and I expect that the buds will have opened now - looking forward to seeing the flowers. Happy for Spring!


Karen @BakingInATornado.com said...

Even though my allergies are killing me, I love those buds as proof that we are, in fact, heading towards better weather.
The Forsythia made me smile, I grew up with it and my mom would take cuttings when it started to bud and bring it in to the house and force it to bloom. Great memories of having made it through another winter.

Teri said...

Great capture of Spring as it evolves around us!

bonnie said...

Hard to imagine that on this exact day last year it was snowing, but Facebook memories today referred to just that.

This was a pretty easy winter but I'm still so ready for flowers!