Thursday, April 25, 2019

Loon Doodle

Haven't done a good doodle in a while, but back in February our Jamaica Bay Guardian Don Riepe had taken a lovely shot of a loon in winter plumage, and I'd had that in mind as something that would be fun to draw since then. I love seeing (and hearing) loons in the bay in the wintertime, when they're dressed in soft charcoal grays. There were still a couple around during my last paddle, on Saturday the 13th; they'd changed into the snappy black and white summer plumage that most people picture when they think of loons, and by the next time I get out on the bay, I expect they'll all have left for the northern freshwater lakes where they spend the warmer months. Safe travels, lovely laughers, see you back in the bay next winter. 

 Quiet week at work this week and I got home early enough last night to have time for a quickish rendition of Don's winter loon.

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