Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Robert Moses Repercussions

Robert Moses with Battery Bridge model

So this is a little outside of the usual blog topic here on Frogma, but a Gothamist article caught my eye today. I've mentioned Robert Moses a couple of times in recent posts as Sebago had a really wonderful day in March where we visited Dead Horse Bay, where you can so easily imagine the sadness of all of the people he displaced as you inspect the belonging of theirs that were buried at the badly-capped landfill at Barren Island and are now strewn across the beach there. And then I also have a set of photos to share from a hike at a spot where you're reminded that he also did some very good things for the city.

But the repercussions of his clearances turn out to carry on to this very day. I never knew.

Just fascinating.

I have really got to get my hands on a copy of The Power Broker.  


songbird's crazy world said...

Interesting article. Robert Moses was a fascinating man, did so much good for the city and state, but also so much harm. And 50+ years later we are still dealing with both.

bonnie said...

I've had the general knowledge that he was an interesting and key character in how the city developed in the 20th century, but these club activities this spring have really caught my interest and this - wow. Just fascinating.

Sea Cay said...

Poor people get the shaft from developers and city officials? Shocking!

bonnie said...

I think you missed my point. Yes, the city is mean to the poor, got that. What I found fascinating was the absolute unbroken line straight from Robert Moses to a specific individual alive today. This is the sort of story that engages history with the present. I've lived in NYC for a long time now but I'm still enough of a transplant that I have a lot to learn about my adoptive city's past.